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Course Objectives:-

SAP Simple Finance specializes in developing finance solutions & operational data. SAP Simple Finance online training in Hyderabad @ supreet “real-time” analytics across all financial dimensions maintaining its strength & ensuring non-disruptive migration. The applications of SAP Simple Finance online training in Hyderabad offers about planning, consolidation, accounting & compliance, and the way it works Finance forward. The course is well structured to be easy to use & furnish well effective insight for finance professionals.



Training Plan: 

Duration: 60 Working Days (Monday to Friday) or 4 weekends  Based on Topic of the day Date wise schedule will be issued once Registration is conform Recordings & Materials: Daily topic wise recording and Material will be sent in 24 hours


Topics Covered in the syllabus:

Part-1 HANA Topics Part-2 Green Field S4 HANA Finance topics Part-3 Brownfield Implementation (Migration)


High Lights of Training

  • Detail Explanation on Each Concept Comparison with R3 Version
  • Detail Customization in Green Field and Brownfield Implementation for Ever topics
  • End-user Applications for every concept Using Fiori apps for application Technical check after postings Understanding Simplified Reporting



Introduction to S4 HANA

  • What Is SAP S/4HANA?
  • SAP HANA and the Relational Database Management System In-Memory Database versus Caching SAP HANA Architecture Options


Project Scope

  • Upgrade and Migration Dependencies
  • Enhancement Packages
  • Support Packages
  • Add-On Compatibility
  • Non-Unicode versus Unicode
  • Upgrade Dependency
  • Analyzer Landscape Planning
  • System Strategy
  • Solution Documentation Scope and Effort Analyzer
  • Resource Planning Project Team
  • Training Plan


Infrastructure Planning

  • Enqueue Server
  • Dual Stack Split Sizing
  • SAP Sizing Report for SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA Backup and Recovery


Technical Concepts:

In-Memory Technology and SAP HANA

  • Keeping Data in Memory Columnar Data Organization
  • Data Encoding and Compression


Columnar Data Origination

  • Parallel Execution in Columnar Store
  • Parallel Aggregation Store and Merge


Removal of Redundancy

  • Benefits of a Redundancy-Free System In-Memory Technology Removes Redundancy
  • Simplifying the Core Data Model Immediate Benefits of the New Data Model



S/4 HANA-Simple Finance Green Field


Ledger Concept

  • G/L Architecture &Activation Total tables
  • Ledger specific Line item tables
  • Table sorting for valuation for year-end closing in Parallel ledger
  • Difference between Leading and Non-leading ledgers Vs Extension Ledgers Migration from Special Purpose Ledger to New General Ledger Accounting
  • New Implementation of Parallel Accounting
  • New Implementation of Segment Reporting
  • Implementation of the Ledger Approach for Parallel Accounting
  • Change in Chart of Accounts and Conversion of Chart of Accounts
  • Difference Between Classical G/L-New G/L-Universal Journal
  • Closing operations Advantages
 and Simplified solutions in G/L Concept
  • Troubleshooting


New Accounts Receivables and FSCM in S/4 HANA

  • Business Partner Concept
  • New data architecture in A/R Accounts Receivables without credit management
  • FSCM-Credit Management
  • FSCM-Collections
  • FSCM-Dispute Management
  • Closing Operations Analytics in Accounts Receivable Reporting Trouble shooting
  • Advantages and Simplified solutions in Accounts Receivables Concept FSCM-Complete Business cycle recording will be provided


Accounts Payable in S/4 HANA

  • Business partner Concept
  • New data architecture in A/P
  • Accounts Payable business process
  • Closing Operations Analytics in Accounts Payables Reporting Trouble shooting
  • Advantages and Simplified solutions in Accounts Payables Concept


New Asset accounting in S/4 HANA

  • Features of New Asset Accounting (New AA)
  • Benefits of New AA
  • Prerequisites for New AA
  • Technical Changes to the table structure in New AA Customizing New AA functions
  • New Configurations Changes in Configurations
  • Changes to T-codes/Programs
  • Process Changes with respect to various scenarios in New AA Manual Legacy Data Transfer
  • Automatic Legacy Data Transfer Trouble shooting Advantages and Simplified solutions in new asset accounting


Bank Account Management in S4 HANA

  • Comparison of Existing Bank Account Management in ECC with Bank Account Management in S/4 HANA
  • Tables in ECC and S/4 HANA
  • Configuration of Bank Account Management in S/4 HANA Finance Configuration Steps
Creation of House Bank and House Bank accounts Creation of House Bank Accounts – Bank Account Management Lite Bank Account Management Fiori apps available in 1702
  • Test Results of Bank Account Management Apps in 1702 Manage Banks –Basic apps
  • Manage Bank accounts – Overview and Maintenance apps My Bank Account Worklists apps My Sent Requests for Bank Accounts Maintain Signatory in Multiple Bank accounts
  • Initiate Review Process for Bank Accounts Monitor Bank account review status apps


Fiori Applications

  • Activating the SAPUI5 Component Activating the OData Services
  • ABAP Frontend Roles Copy Business Catalog Role Start Authorization Assign Roles to Users ABAP Backend Roles Copy the Backend Roles
  • Assigning Roles to Users Running the App
  • Custom Business Catalogs and Roles Create a New Launchpad and Application Create and Assign a Transport Request Create a New Catalog Create New Target Mapping Add a Static Tile
  • Create the Custom Role and Add the Catalog Working with Transaction applications
  • Working with Factsheet applications Working with Analytical applications 5S



  • Requirements in Lumira Customization of visualizations Understanding Cloud and server Data accusations Data manipulation
  • Data Visualization Publishing data set in fioriLumira cloud interface LummiraHana server interface Workflow
  • Trouble shooting Advantages and Simplified solutions using Lumira for reporting heet Apps


Controlling In S/4 HANA Cost Element Accounting

  • Cost Element Accounting in S4 HANA
  • Cost Elements for Expense Accounts
  • Cost Elements for Balance Sheet Accounts
  • Cost Element Groups Cost Element Attributes
  • Real-Time Integration of Controlling with Financial Accounting Reporting


Cost Center Accounting

  • Cost Centers
  • Cost Center Standard Hierarchies
  • Alternate Cost Center Hierarchies
  • Cost Center Groups
  • Statistical Key Figures
  • Activity Types Resources
  • Planning Planner Profile
  • Planning Layouts Activity Type Planning
  • Excel Upload of Planning Data Planning Aids
  • Plan Data Transfer Actual Postings
  • Manual Postings Validation for Account Allocation Period-End Closing Accrual Calculation
  • Overhead Periodic Reposting, Distribution, Assessment, and Activity Allocation Variances Reporting


Internal Orders

  • Order Type
  • Number Range Status Management
  • Screen Layout Planning
  • Plan Integration Planning Methods
  • Planning Aids



  • Maintain Budget Availability Control
  • Actual Postings
  • Period-End Closing
  • Maintain Allocation Structure
  • Maintain Source Structure
  • Maintain Profitability Analysis Transfer Structure Maintain Settlement Profile Maintain Line Item Settlement
  • Create Settlement Rules Automatically Reporting
  • Standard Reporting Dynamic Selection in Reports


Integration with Simple Logistics HANA Product costing

  • Material Master
  • Bill of Material Bill of Material Usage
  • Activity Type Work Center/Resource
  • Routing Recipe
  • Cost Component Structure
  • Special Procurement Key Costing
  • Costing Variant Costing Sheet
  • Define Dependencies for Further Characteristics Differentiate Overhead Rates with Overhead Groups Cost Estimates
  • Material Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure Material Cost Estimate without Quantity Structure Additive Cost Raw Material Cost Estimate Multilevel Unit Costing Mark and Release Prices Costing Run Reporting
  • Cost Object Controlling Product Cost by Order Product Cost by Period Product Cost by Sales Order Period-End Closing Overhead Application Work in Process Variance Calculation
  • Settlement Reporting


S/4 HANA Profitability Analysis

  • Simplified Profitability Analysis Changes in Profitability Analysis Limitation of Profitability Analysis
  • Regenerate Operating concern after adding new characteristics Steps to add new configure settings related to Account Based COPA New Configuration settings for Splitting Cost of goods sold
  • New Configuration settings for Splitting Price Differences Additional quantity fields Posting transactions VL01N Posting transactions during order settlement KO88 Real time derivation
  • Restrictions of Real Time Derivation
  • Profitability Analysis Reporting
  • Added value Profitability analysis in Universal Journal KE30 Report Line item details PA reporting –
  • Analysis for Office Migration to S/4 HANA Profitability analysis approach


Part-3 S/4HANA Finance – Brownfield Implementation SAP S/4HANA with the Activate Methodology

  • Introducing SAP S/4HANA Outlining the Conversion Journey
  • Analyzing the Phases of the Journey


Preparation for Migration to SAP S/4HANA

  • Migration Process Analyzing the Migration process per system starting point
  • Preparing for Migration to SAP S/4HANA Preparing for Business Partner Adoption (Customer Vendor Integration)
  • Describing the SAP S/4HANA Installation Phase –SLT Vs DMO


Customizing Financials in SAP S/4HANA

  • Configuring General Ledger Accounting Configuring new Asset Accounting Migrating to New Asset Accounting Customizing Controlling for Account Based CO-PA Preparing for Migration Material Ledger Preparing for Migration of House Bank Accounts
  • Preparing for Migration of Credit Management –AR-CR>FSCMCR


Migration to SAP S/4HANA

  • Migrating to the Universal Journal Lesson
  • Finalizing Migration and Post Processing Business Partner Performing Post Migration Activities


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