Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The requirement of professionals with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has exponential growth in the world. Recognizing the growing demand, many universities have introduced the AI course in the syllabus in the CS. The AI subject of computer science aimed at building computers to enhance the scope of logical operations. The candidates who completed the course will be eligible for the jobs of Data Analyst. AI is the tool to make machines as intelligent. The AI systems will have the ability to deal with the task inherently in tune with human intelligence. At present, AI has been used in speech recognition, decision making, visual or graphic perceptions and translating the languages.  

AI course enables the candidates to learn about its application in the business to analyze and manage data. 

Artificial Intelligence Course in Version IT 

Version IT Artificial Intelligence (AI) training institute is one of the best AI training institutes in Hyderabad. Having well- experienced and highly knowledgeable faculty, the training institute offers a complete range of training in the Artificial Intelligence course. It also offers online Artificial Intelligence training for students to gain extended knowledge of representation, problem-solving and new wave of learning methods. Version IT provides training based on the requirement from beginners level to experts level. The training ensures end-to-end knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and provides assistance to build a great foundation on the subject. The faculty at Version IT has extensive experience in the industry and gained thorough knowledge, which paves the way for students to work on real-time projects. Artificial Intelligence course in Ameerpet has plenty of job opportunities for the individuals as well as the corporate interns. We invite the candidates who are willing to build a career in Artificial Intelligence and chose a bright professional future.  

You will get excel after training!

  • Research Scientists: Information designing, undertaking and analyzing
  • ML Expert: Machine Learning, image processing and concept core to advance.
  • Software Engineer: Networks, operating systems, databases or applications.
  • Information Security Engineers: Safeguard computer networks and systems.
  • Software Analyst: Studies the software application domain, prepares software requirements, and specification documents.

Who are eligible?

  • Freshers
  • BE/ candidate
  • Working professional
  • Any graduate
  • Any Post-Graduate
  • Developers

Optimizing business processes

  • Case study – Optimizing Business Processes – step1
  • Case study – Optimizing Business processes – step2
  • Case study – Optimizing Business processes – step3
  • Case study – Optimizing Business processes –step4
  • What is reinforcement learning
  • The Bellman equation
  • Markov Decision process
  • Policy vs plan
  • Living Penalty
  • Q-learning equation
  • Temporal Difference
  • Q-learning visualization
  • Optimizing Business processes – step 5
  • Optimizing Business processes – step 6
  • Optimizing Business processes – step 7
  • Optimizing Business processes – step 8
  • Optimizing Business processes – step 9
  • Optimizing Business processes – step 10
  • Optimizing Business processes – step 11
  • Optimizing Business processes – step 12
  • Optimizing Business processes – step 13
  • Optimizing Business processes – step 14
  • Optimizing Business processes – step 15
  • Optimizing Business processes – step 16
  • Optimizing Business processes – step 17

Minimizing Costs  

  • Minimizing costs – step 1
  • Minimizing costs – step 2
  • Minimizing costs – step 3
  • Deep-Q-Learning
  • Experience replay
  • Action selection policies
  • Minimizing costs implementation  

Maximizing revenues  

  • case study on maximizing revenues
  • The multi armed bandit problem
  • Thompson sampling
  • maximizing revenues

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