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SAP GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) & SECURITIES

SAP GRC is a powerful SAP Securities tool which can be used for data Securities and authorisation standards of the company. SAP GRC access control tool helps to find the solution. GRC is a strategy for managing a company’s overall governance, enterprise risk management and compliance with certain regulations. GRC is a structured and systematic approach to align IT with business goals apart from managing risk effectively and meeting the requirements of compliance. 

The SAP Securities will not allow its users without a key to safeguard a certain kind of data. The data is secured under lock and key system and it will ensure safety from threats both external and internal. The course provides a comprehensive introduction to SAP Securities. 

Why opt Version IT for SAP GRC Securities? 

Version IT is the idle training institute in Hyderabad for students and professional learners because of its versatile teaching methodology. We will make you learn the module very fast and easily digest the course pattern enabling you to practice on your own. Through the SAP GRC online training at Ameerpet in Hyderabad, the students can have wider opportunities to grow in their careers. Version IT SAP GRC training is given by the best faculty who trained hundreds of career-driven aspirants. We can proudly claim that Version IT is the best SAP GRC training institute in Hyderabad. 

Mr.Rasheed(Having 20+ Real time experience.)

Mr Rasheed is highly adaptable IT specialists having an overall SAP experience 20+ years. He has capabilities of managing medium to large size organizations and is well-versed in corporate training, development, product development, business operations and designing strategies. 

Having an Engineering Degree in Computer Science, Mr Rasheed has been working for the last 2 decades with SAP R/3, SAP NetWeaver, S/4 HANA and solution manager system. Apart from holding numerous corporate training, he nurtured thousands of IT consultants across the globe. Having a vast experience in installation and configuration for various SAP products, Mr Rasheed has set a record in SAP ERP implementations. 

Module 1: SAP GRC Access Control Introduction

  • Overview of GRC.
  • Access control Landscape.
  • GRC Architecture.
  • GRC Post Installation.
  • GRC Components.

Module 2: Access Rsik Analysis

  • Configuring and maintaining the Rule sent.
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation Process.
  • Configurations,
  • Generating Reports,
  • Ruleset Configurations

Module 3: Emergency Access Management.

  • Initial setup,
  • centralized and De-centralized EAM,
  • Owner and Controller Maintenance ,
  • Reason Code Maintenance,
  • Working with Logs.

Module 4: Access Request Management.

  • Customizing ARM Screens,
  • Initial Configuration,
  • Parameter Setting,
  • Provisioning Settings,
  • End User Personalization Configuration ,
  • Notification templates

Module 5: MSMP & BRF +Rules.

  • Customizing Workflow,
  • Business Rule Framework,
  • Working with Decision Tables,
  • Tables operation etc.
  • Working with various types of rules.

Module 6: Business Role Management.

  • Configuring Role Management.
  • Role Methodology,
  • Role Specific Configuration options,
  • Mass Management of Roles.
  • Definitions,
  • Working with Role Management Workflows.

Module 7: GRC Audit Considerations.

  • Steps to audit GRC Access Control,
  • Various reports and tables used in audit controls.


  • Introduction of SAP AG and ERP world
  • Introduction to Securities Administration


  • R/2 and R/3 Architecture introduction
  • Architecture Comparison R/2,R/3,WAS&NetWeaver
  • Detail Understanding of CI,DB&Dialog Instances
  • Overview of SAP R/3,WAS&NetWeaver Architecture

SAP Landscape:

  • Single System Landscape
  • Two System Landscape
  • Three System Landscape
  • Multi System Landscape

ASAP Methodology (SAP Implementation Phases):

  • Project Preparation
  • Blue Print
  • Realization
  • Testing &Go-live

User Administration:

  • User Creation, Change, Deletion
  • Lock & Unlock of users
  • Rename & De-Activate Users Passwords etc…
  • Mass User Creation, Deletion etc…
  • Create & Maintain User Group
  • Types of Users in SAP system

Client Administration:

  • Client Concept in SAP System
  • Client Creation, Local Client Copy, Log of Client Copy
  • Remote Client Copy, Client Entry Deletion, Client Deletion with Data
  • Client export / Import & Post Client Import
  • Copying Client specific data among different clients
  • Creation of RFC and Logical system for Client

SAP Securities with Virsa/GRC tools :

  • R/3, HR, ECC, BW & EP Securities
  • Creation of Roles with T-codes, Reports & Others
  • Copy Roles from SAP Standard Roles
  • Functional Roles for SD,MM,PP,FI,HR,Co etc
  • Roles with authorization objects,SAP Template, SAP Menu etc
  • Roles with Classes and S_Tcode Object
  • Roles using User trace and Auth Traces
  • Restrictions via Roles
  • Creation of Composite and Derive Role
  • Offshore Securities & Missing authorizations (SU53 & SUIM)
  • SOX and SOD with Virsa, GRC Tools (Compliance calibrator, Role manager Fire Fighter & Access enforcer)

Introduction to VIRSA, GRC 5.3, GRC10.0

GRC(Governance RiskComplains):
GRC 5.3 Tools
  • RAR (Risk Analysis Remediation)
  • CPU (Compliant User provisioning)
  • ERM (Enterprise Risk Management)
  • SPM (Superuser Privilege management)
GRC 10.0 Tools
  • Access Risk Analysis(ARA)
  • Emergency Access Management (EAM)
  • Business Role Management(BRM)
  • Access Request Management(ARM)

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