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SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is the key module which provides a cloud-based solution to manage various HR functions such as trade alignment, people’s performance, recruitment and learning activities for any size of companies. The cloud-based Human Capital Management solution is developed on the SAAS (Software as a Service) method.  

There are many different components in the SAP SuccessFactors and they include: 

  • Employee Central 
  • Performance & Goal Management
  • Compensation
  • Learning Management System
  • Recruitment Management

The students are advised to aim at multiple components which suits to the requirements of the companies. 

At Version IT, students are given a thorough insight of basic concepts of SuccessFactors along with its architecture and important components. Version IT has proved its expertise in training the students as one of the best SAP SuccessFactors training institutes in Hyderabad. Nevertheless, the faculty at Version IT SAP SuccessFactors training Institute has vast experience and potential working knowledge. The course is designed for basic learners of SAP SuccessFactors, especially those who are involved in developing business applications. Version IT also offers online training for students in SAP SuccessFactors. If you have prior exposure to SAP SuccessFactors or not, Version IT will teach you from the very basics and prepare you to easily understand and execute the applications. 

Module 1: Introduction to Mastery

  • Learn the products
  • Instance, Provisioning explanation
  • Basic company settings in Provisioning
  • Creating administrators.
  • Instance basic settings – Passwords, Home Page, Welcome Menu, Company info, Employee files
  • Administrator tools
  • Bizxpert Methodology – Implementation Methodology.
  • Commonly used terms
  • Admin Privileges
  • Setting up company Logos
  • Manage Data User Records
  • Employee Data File
  • Permissions
  • Password Policies
  • Email Notifications
  • Change engine configuration
  • Text Customization in Instance
  • Rating Scales
  • Route Maps
  • Launching forms
  • Employee Profile
  • XML and Data models
  • Pick lists
  • ole Based Permissioning
  • Reporting
  • Rating Scale Dashboards
  • Reporting Admin & Introduction
  • Manage Report Permissions

Module 2: Employee Central Mastery – Core HCM Module (EC)

  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central – Introduction
  • Introduction and basic provisioning settings
  • Employee Central Implementation Sequence
  • Data models and DTDs
  • Setting Up the EC Environment
  • Turning on the People Profile and Action Search
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central – Security – Role-Based Permissions
  • Understanding security
  • Managing User Access
  • Managing Security Using Role-Based Permissions (RBP)
  • Implementing Data Changes
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central – Corporate Data and Foundation Tables
  • Understanding Foundation objects
  • Configuration of MDF objects
  • Propogation, initilization rules and Event derivations
  • Customizing and Populating a Foundation Table (FT)
  • Configuring the Country-Specific Field (CSF) Corporate Data Model
  • Identifying and Adding Picklists to Foundation Objects (FO)
  • Managing Associations in the Corporate Data Model
  • Enabling Language Packs for Translations
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central – Employee Data
  • Understanding Employee/Employment Objects
  • Storing Employee Data
  • Importing Users and Data and Implementing Mass Changes
  • Configuring the Succession Data Model
  • Configuring the Country-Specific Field (CSF) Succession Data Model
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central – Self-Service and Workflows
  • Manage Business Configuration
  • Managing Role-Based Permissions (RBP) for Self-Service Access
  • Customizing Self-Service Transactions Using Workflows
  • Event Reason Derivation
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central – Object and Rule Management in the Instance
  • Building Meta Data Framework (MDF) Objects for Employee Central (EC)
  • Customizing an MDF Object Using Configurable UI
  • Creating a Configurable Rule Using the Rules Engine
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central–Position Management
  • Setting up Position Management
  • Global Assignments

Module 2: SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals Management (PM & GM)

  • Getting Started with SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management
  • Preparing for Performance and Goals Academy
  • Implementation and Product Documentation
  • Using Performance and Goals Product Modules and Provisioning
  • Assigning Role-Based Permissions (RBPs)
  • Compiling User Data
  • Goal Management (GM) as an Administrator and End-User
  • Managing Goals in Goal Management
  • Assigning Roles and Permissions in Goal Management
  • Aligning Goals in Goal Management
  • Managing Goals and Goal Libraries
  • Goal Plan Template Configuration
  • Identifying the Elements and Resources of the Goal Plan
  • Managing Goal Plan Templates
  • Modifying the Global Settings of a Goal Plan Template
  • Replacing Text and Defining Minimum and Maximum values in Goal Management
  • Goal Plan Categories
  • Goal Plan Fields
  • Goal Plan Permissions
  • Goal Plan Layout
  • Continuous Performance Management
  • Introducing and Configuring Continuous Performance Management
  • Competencies, Job Families, and Job Roles
  • Performance Management as an Administrator and End-User
  • Describing the Principles and Tools of Performance Management
  • Establishing Workflow and Recording Evaluations with the Performance Form
  • Creating a Performance Form
  • Describing Roles for Performance Management and Accessing the Document Type Definition (DTD)
  • Performance Management Template Configuration
  • Listing Provisioning Features Commonly Enabled in Performance and Goal Management
  • Using the Performance Management Template
  • Managing Performance Management Template Settings
  • Managing the Performance Form
  • Adding and Modifying Sections in Manage Templates and XML
  • Configuring Section Attributes in the Performance Form
  • Configuring the Performance Form
  • Describing the Basic Structure of the Objective (Goal) Section(s) in the Performance Form
  • Configuring the Objective (Goal) Section(s)
  • Populating Goals in the Performance Form
  • Performance Form Permission Configuration
  • The Team Overview and Stack Ranker Tools
  • Performance Management and Goal Management Integration
  • Defining Integration in Performance and Goal Management
  • Defining the Goal Management and Performance Management Integration Process

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