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SAP ABAP HANA Training in Hyderabad

The SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming language) for SAP products was formerly utilised by SAP suits without any issues, however with the advent of HANA by SAP, the ABAP developer work now requires advanced competence. Fast multimodel data processing is possible with the HANA platform. Learning HANA will therefore prepare you for changes in technologically advanced futures. However, this is not the only reason; one must also study and practise the most recent development techniques in order to optimise performance on HANA. For this, his course is quite beneficial. If your business expands and makes acquisitions, SAP HANA migration will be an obvious choice, necessitating the need for SAP ABAP developers.

Version IT offers SAP ABAP HANA training in Hyderabad that is entirely hands-on and real-time. Our SAP ABAP HANA Training mainly focuses on getting everyone hired. We designed our course syllabus to provide basic to advanced level proficiency in SAP ABAP HANA Training at the end of the training. Our SAP ABAP HANA Training course will prepare you to confidently apply for interviews and certification.

We have top SAP ABAP HANA trainers working in MNCs with 7-18+ years of expertise. Our SAP ABAP HANA trainers will assist you in developing your resume and will share their project experience with you. Anyone can become an expert in SAP ABAP HANA Training with Version IT if they learn this technology passionately and quickly.

  • Who can enroll?
    Any graduate can learn this course; however, knowing other programming languages such as C and C++ is a benefit but not necessary.
    The TOP SAP ABAP training institutes in Hyderabad are much related to professional experts especially when it is to the delivery of the work or when completing the work on time. There is a greater range of training overviews at the SAP ABAP institute in Hyderabad. Learning has become an important criterion and a version it training is also unnecessary creation of code there is helping students to establish their career and their real-time experience development. The ABAP programs are also dependent on the real-world development of enterprise software. Starting from the report interfaces to the modularization of programs everything becomes related to the programming languages. Hence, the SAP Training in Hyderabad is also capable of providing the perfect faculty for introducing new programming and for being a rapid learner in the fast-running century.
  • What Are the Skills You Will Learn from This Course?
    • Learn the basics to advance ABAP programming.
    • Understanding of the dictionary, reports, and BDCs
    • Advanced ABAP topics such as sap improvements and ooabap
    • Use real-time training with an end-to-end implementation procedure.
  • Career Opportunities with SAP ABAP HANA
    The SAP ABAP HANA consultant is currently one of the most in-demand jobs in the present economy. For people who desire to start a career as an SAP consultant, SAP consulting has become an exciting choice. The SAP consultant earns the highest salary. After its release, SAP ABAP HANA recently becomes a popular technology. As a result, we can estimate the large work prospects and promising career opportunities that SAP ABAP HANA offers. The in-memory database and management features of SAP ABAP HANA are one of the main reasons for its popularity. There is no doubt that the SAP ABAP HANA role gives total job satisfaction and a higher salary package. Because SAP is used in so many various domains, the applicant can take their turn in any of the areas to forward in their career. Today Join Version IT Best SAP ABAP training Institute in Hyderabad to learn SAP ABAP HANA for the best Career Enhancement.
  • Course Syllabus

    Introduction to ABAP on HANA ABAP 7.40 & 7.50 New Syntax.

      a. Inline Declarations
      b. Helper Variable Dynamic Declaration
      C. Read Table Operator
      • Default & Options
      • Using Index
      • Find out if the row existed or not.

      d. Find out the Number of rows of an internal table
      e. Adding the Record to the Internal table
      • Adding records Manually
      • moving the record from one ITAB to Another ITAB

      f. Move Corresponding

      • Moving Details from one WA to Another WA
      • Moving Details from One Internal table to Another Internal table

      g. Importance of BASE Command when moving the Data
      h. Processing functions
      • Replace statement.
      • Find out the length of an string.
      • Insert string.
      • Repeat operator.
      • Shift_left/Shift_right

      i. Formatting Operators:
      • Conversions - ALPHA
      • Formatting with Decimal and sign
      • formatting with case
      • Formatting Date, Currency to Specific country format
      • Formatting time stamp using time zone

      j. Operators
      • EQUIV
      • Casting operator
      • Convert operator
      • Conditional Operator
      • Switch operator
      • Translate operator
      • Value operator
      • LET Operator

      k. FOR Loop
      l. Reduce Statement
      m. New Open SQL Statement
      • APPEND
      • MODIFY
      • UPDATE
      • DELETE

      n. New Native SQL statement
      • INSERT
      • UPDATE
      • MODIFY
      • DETELE

      o. New SQL Queries

      • Select Statement using inline Declarations
      • Select statement with joins using Inline Declarations
      • Select statement for all entries using line Declarations.
      • Select statement joining one ITAB and One DB Table
      • Select statement using unions.
      • Select statement using SUM keyword
      • Select statement using CASE Statement
      • Select statement using Associations.
      • Select statement using MIN and MAX key words
      • Select statement using Group BY and ORDER BY Clause
      • ABAP CTE's
      • RANK Functions
      • DENSE RANK Function
      • Select Query using CDS views

      3. Migration steps/tools from SAP S4 HANA

      SQLM - SQL Monitor
      ATC - ABAP Test Cockpit
      SLIN - Extended syntax check
      SCI - Code inspector

      Installation of Eclipse / SAP HANA Studio

      Adding SAP ABAP Development Tools in Eclipse
      Adding SAP system to Eclipse/SAP HANA Studio

      5. Core Data Services (CDS View)

      a.What is CDS view
      b.Different types of CDS views
      • Define View
      • View with joins
      • View with associations
      • Parameter-based CDS view
      • CDS View extension
        • Extend CDS view
        • Using FIORI App Custom Field and App logic
      • CDS View using Table functions
      • CDS View converting into OData
      • CDS with Associations as OData service and accessing via Navigation

      c.Using Session variable in CDS view
      d.Built in Functions in CDS view
      • CAST Functions
      • Numeric Functions
      • String Functions
      • Conversion functions
        • FLTP_DEC
        • UNIT Conversion
        • Currency Conversion
        • Date and Time Functions

      e. Virtual elements in CDS view
      f. Virtual Data models
      • Interface Views
        • BASIC Views
        • Composite Views
      • Consumption Views
      g. Creating a FIORI tile for consumption CDS view using Custom Analytical App Query
      h. Value Helps Using
      • Foreign Key associations
      • Modeled Value Help views

      6. SAP IDA using CDS -- SAP Integrated Data access model using CDS View

      7. OData Services:

      a. introduction to SAP NetWeaver Gateway and ODATA

      b. Usage of the SAP NetWeaver Gateway

      c. Overview of the ODATA Services

      d. Overview of the ODATA Services Metadata document.

      e. Architecture of the SAP NetWeaver Gateway

      f. ODATA Service Generation technique

      g. Technical Components involved

      h. Creating OData Service in SAP NetWeaver Gateway (Code Based)

      i. Reading and filtering data (Code Based)

      j. Development life cycle of SAP NetWeaver Gateway

      k. Hub deployment and Embedded Deployment

      l. Creating, Reading, Updating, deleting Entry of OData Service. (Code Based) i.e CRUD Operation

      m. Function Import (Code Based)

      n. File Upload and download (Code Based)

      o. Map to Data Source

      p. Service Generation using RFC

      q. EXPAND, Create DEEP Entity and BATCH

      AMDP - ABAP Managed Data Base procedure

      a. What is AMDP?
      b. Types of AMDP method
      • Database procedure
      • Date base functions

      c. Passing Parameters in AMDP method
      d. Passing Select options
      • AMDP Method
      • CDS Table functions

      e. Learning SQL Scripting for AMDP
      • Passing Select options/Range
        • AMDP Method
        • CDS Table functions
      • AMDP OOPS Operations
        • Inheritance
        • Changing variable/Changing Table
      • Data declarations
        • Defining Variable with
          • Build-In types
          • user Defined types
        • Changing variable/Changing Table
      • Internal table operations

      CRUD & Exception Handling Using AMDP
      • CASE Statement in AMDP
      • How to Perform CRUD operations
        • INSERT
        • UPDATE
        • UPSERT
        • DELETE
      • UUID Generations
      • ROW Number(), Partition BY, RANK Functions
      • Defining Exit handler in AMDP
      • AMDP Filtering

      g. FUZZY Search and BADI operations using AMDP
      • UPPER()/ UCASE() & LOWER Functions
      • IFNULL and NULLIF Functions
      • DATE Functions
      • FUZZY functions
      • Parallel processing Using AMDP - MAP_MERGE
      • What is AMDP BADI
        • FallBack class in AMBP BADI
        • Filter in AMDP
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