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SAP Ariba Training

SAP Ariba Training in Hyderabad

SAP Ariba looks like to be the only long-term procurement collaboration solution that helps your company to build faster and spend better. SAP Ariba allows you to communicate with the world's largest B2B network and create dynamic digital partnerships with billions of people. Suppliers and other organisations that trade information. It works on a business overall Vender the executive's arrangement by providing less expensive methods of acquisition and streamlining the business. Ariba functions as a production network and acquisition administration to collaborate universally. SAP Ariba transforms your production network, acquisition, and board interaction with care.

Version IT is one of the best SAP Ariba Training Institutes in Hyderabad for Real-time Implementation Training by Senior SAP Experts. We identified the requirements of IT industries and built the course with the help of our Experienced Trainers, considering SAP standards, continuous industrial changes, and valuable feedback from top competency leaders. Get the Best SAP Ariba training and advance your career in the SAP ERP cloud. It offers numerous career opportunities to those who are ready to work with them, hence join us for the best SAP Ariba training in Hyderabad.

  • Why SAP Ariba?
    • SAP Ariba is a B2B solution that connects you to the world's largest vendor and supplier network.
    • It facilitates connecting with suppliers by providing insight into vendor and procurement management processes.
    • It removes all complexity from the procurement process.
    • It supports Suppliers and Buyers in managing Key Components.
    • SAP acquired Ariba to replace SAP SRM on the cloud.
    • In comparison to other procurement apps, it is extremely powerful and user-friendly.
  • Who can enroll?
    There are no such prerequisites for enrolling in this course. This training is open to everyone who wants to advance their career and improve their abilities in SAP Ariba. It is preferable to have a basic understanding of ERP concepts.
    Advantages of Learning SAP Ariba
    • Understand the Ariba Cloud System Architecture.
    • UExplore the Supplier Life Cycle and Performance.
    • UCreate RFIs, RFPs, and Auctions
    • UDevelop a thorough understanding of the entire bidding process.
    • UPerform Ariba contract management tasks such as contract creation.
    • UUnderstand the entire procurement process.
    • ULearn about data integration methods, the Integration Manager, and configuration.
    • UUpload the initial data, such as the purchasing unit, and validate the data.
  • Career Opportunities with SAP Ariba
    The most significant benefit of SAP Ariba is that all companies are short-staffed with SAP Ariba resources due to a lack of technical knowledge and training provisioning in the market.
    • Exposure to Millions of Jobs Around the World in the SAP Ariba Arena
    • Get hired by international companies such as Google, Amazon, JP Morgan, and other industry leaders.
    • After completing SAP Ariba Training, you will be highly paid as a freelancer or full-time employee.
    • Differentiate yourself from your colleagues and get promoted in your current position with the most in-demand skills.
    • Job security and exceptional opportunities for growth with SAP Ariba.
    Register Today for SAP Ariba at Version IT the best Institute for SAP Ariba training in Hyderabad to learn and explore about SAP Ariba course with real-time projects.
  • Course Syllabus

    1.Ariba Introduction

      • About Ariba & Ariba History
      • Ariba cloud system Architecture
      • Product evaluation of Ariba
      • Ariba solution bundles
      • About Ariba Network
      • Basic navigation and self-service menu

      2.Supplier Life cycle & performance (SLP)

      • Overview of SLP vs SIPM
      • Supplier Request
      • Supplier Registration
      • Supplier Qualification

      3.Ariba Upstream (Sourcing)

      • Getting Started with Ariba sourcing
      • Event Management: Creating RFI, RFP and Auctions
      • Advance features in Sourcing such as working with Excel
      • Award Scenarios and Awarding Sourcing Event
      • Full cycle of Bidding Process
      • Bidding Rules setup
      • Supplier Invitation
      • Hands on workshop

      4.Ariba Upstream (Contracts)

      • Getting Started with Ariba Contracts
      • Integration with Ariba Sourcing
      • Ariba Contract Management: Creating Contracts
      • Hierarchy Type
      • Contracts Attributes
      • Contract Release Order
      • Contract based invoice
      • Hands on workshop

      Ariba Downstream Contract Compliance

      • Contract Terms Creation
      • Contract automatic Subscription Creation

      5.Ariba Downstream: Buying/Procurement

      • Ariba Procurement solution features
      • The Request-to-Receive Flow
      • Non – PO based Invoice
      • Full End to End Procurement Process (PR, Approval Flow, PO, GR, invoice , Payment)
      • Ariba Procurement: Creating and Managing Invoices
      • Invoice: Different Types
      • Hands on workshop

      6.Ariba Guided Buying

      • About Ariba guided buying
      • Landing Pages and tiles
      • Full End to End Procurement Process (PR, Approval Flow, PO, GR, invoice , Payment)


      • Reporting – Customization & Configuration
      • Reporting – Scheduling Background job
      • Reporting – Personal vs public workspace

      8.Integration (Online)

      • Integration Overview
      • Integration Landscape
      • Data integration methods
      • Integration Manager & Configurations
      • Ariba Integration with CIG
      • CIG usage Scenario
      • Full End to End integration cycle of RFQ or SLP

      9.Administration/Core administration

      • Template Management & Configurations
      • Sourcing template & contract template configuration
      • Set-up bidding rules
      • Condition set-up to display documents
      • Display of document
      • Project group vs system groups
      • Approval rule set-up
      • Task assignment
      • Team set-up

      Approval workflow Configurations

      • Serial approval configuration
      • Parallele approval configuration
      • Custom approval configuration
      • How to assign work flow

      Site Manager & Configurations

      • About site manager
      • Intial data upload such as purchasing unit
      • How to verify the upload data

      User Management & Configurations

      • Creation of New User
      • Delegation of authority
      • Creation of Groups
      • Purchasing unit assignment

      Catalog Manager & Configurations

      • Creation of catalog item
      • Catalog validation
      • Error debug
      • Catalog view restriction

      P2P Manager & Configurations

      • Invoice Exception types
      • About receiving types

      Project Manager

      • Process steps during migration of Legacy Contract to SAP Ariba
      • Supplier Manager
      • Supplier set-up for purchasing
      • Concept of partitioned supplier
      • How to set up partitioned supplier

      10.Ariba Supplier Network (Supplier Side)

      • AN Supplier overview
      • Sourcing and Proposals
      • Light account and Full use Account

      11. Others

      • Provide soft copy study materials and questions bank
      • Guidance in certification
      • Ariba Resume preparation
      • Real time interview questions
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