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Sap Analytics Cloud Online Training

Sap Analytics Cloud Online Training in Hyderabad

SAP Analytics is a procedure of the cloud. The Business Intelligence is based on a SaaS solution because it can connect the functions which are included in SAP Analytics while the procedure is in one user boundary. Being the easiest process of companionship with other business users, the SAP Analytics Cloud is the most preferred module in recent times. The tools provide compatibility in analysis. The tools are coming from databases, ERP solutions, and CRM

SAP Analytics Cloud works for business intelligence to improve capacity. The power comes from artificial intelligence technology and machine learning. This SAP Analytics can make a better decision by providing meaningful insight which is converted from raw information. It helps users to predict and estimate the outcomes of the business.

SAP Analytics Cloud training can provide an employee better future in SAP Analytics. The certification of this program would give the employees much understanding of the key topics which is important to know. Additionally, improving employees’ income is possible. If employees are trained in SAP Analytics Cloud, they can improve their knowledge which will make an employee professional. Version IT is the best SAP online training institute in Hyderabad to learn about SAP Analytics. They provide students best teaching process and knowledge. It is the best SAP analytics cloud institute in India.

  • Course Syllabus


    UNIT-1: Overview & Positioning

    • SAP Analytics Cloud Architecture Overview
    • SAC vs other BI tools
    • Benefits & core functionalities of SAC
    • Cloud vs On-Premise vs Hybrid
    • SAP Analytic Cloud Client tools and Importance

    UNIT-2: Connections

    • Overview of Connections
    • Live Connections
    • Import Connections
    • Connecting and accessing Flat file data
    • Connecting and accessing Cloud applications
    • Connecting and accessing Cloud databases
    • Connecting and accessing SAP-HANA
    • Connecting and accessing Odata services

    UNIT-3: Modelling

    • What is MODEL
    • Components of MODEL
    • Working with Dimension and Classification
    • Configuring Geo-Dimension
    • Working with Measures
    • Working with Transformations
    • Working with Variables
    • Data Blending

    UNIT-4: Business Intelligence

    • Desinging SAC Stories
    • Working with Custom Templates
    • Working with Standard Templates
    • Working with Canvas-Responsive & Grid modes
    • Working with Designer(Builder panel , Styling Panel)
    • Filters in SAC
    • Query level filters
    • Story level filters
    • Page level filters
    • Widget level filters
    • Advanced Filters
    • Linked Analysis
    • Hyperlinking
    • Conditional Formatting
    • Customizing Measures
    • Customizing Dimensions
    • Data blending
    • Working with Chart widget
    • Working with Table widget
    • Working with Geo Map widget
    • R language basics
    • Generating R based Stories

    UNIT-5: Augmented Analytics

    • What is Augmented Analytics
    • Smart Search
    • Smart Discovery
    • Smart Insights

    UNIT-6: Analytics Designer

    • What is SAP Analytics Designer
    • Difference between SAC Stories vs SAP Analytics Designer
    • Analytics Designer overview and walkthrough
    • Outline,Designer,Error & reference panels
    • Design mode vs Run mode vs View mode
    • Desingning basic Analytic application
    • working with Container widgets
    • Implementing filters
    • working with Drop-down,Radibutton,Checkbox componets
    • working with script variables
    • working with script objects
    • Configuring and implementing Dynamic Visibility
    • Working with Loop functions and Conditional Statements
    • Implementing Hyperlinking and Explorer option

    UNIT-7: Predictive Scenario

    • Predictive scenario overview
    • SAC Stories vs SAC Applications vs SAC Predictive
    • Working with Datasets,Variables
    • Implementing Classification Precitive Model
    • Implementing Regression Predictive Model
    • Implementing Timeseries Predictive Model
    • Generating predictive stories

    UNIT-8: Administration

    • SAC Architecture Overview
    • Working with Roles(Standard vs Custom)
    • Defining Team(s)
    • Defining User(s)
    • Working with dataloading and scheduling
    • SAP Cloud connector
    • SAP Analyics Cloud Agent
    • SAC Lifecycle management/Transports

    UNIT-9: SAC Roadmap & Certification

    • SAC Roadmaps(Current vs Future)
    • SAC Project Implementation landscapes
    • SAC Certification Overview
    • ECC/BW/BO/S4-HANA/HANA-> SAC Migration Strategy

    UNIT-10: SAC Planning

    • SAC Planning Overview
    • Building a Planning model
    • Currency Table Configuration
    • Working with Value Driver Tree
    • Working with Data actions
    • Working with Data actions
    • Configuring allocations
    • Working with Distributions
    • Predictive forecasting implementation
    • Generating Stories using planning models
    • Generating analytic applications using planning models
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