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SAP PP Training

SAP PP Training in Hyderabad

SAP PP is a training course designed to teach professionals the fundamentals of SAP's Production Planning (PP) module. It provides a thorough introduction of PP processes, tools, and functions and allows students to apply their knowledge to real-world circumstances. Product lifecycle management, materials planning, capacity planning, and production scheduling are among the subjects covered in this course. Participants can get the skills needed to become production planning specialists and lead the efficient and effective implementation of their organization’s production plans by taking this course. Candidates will gain in-depth knowledge of a variety of planning topics, including sales and operational planning, material requirements, production version, batch management, demand management, bill of materials, routing, and more. SAP PP is an important module since it records and tracks the flow of manufacturing processes. Several SAP modules, including SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP QM, SAP FICO, and SAP PM, are fully integrated with SAP PP. So Enroll today with Version IT For the Best SAP PP Training in Hyderabad.Because of SAP PP's rich capabilities and how it helps production planning in all industries, it is a valuable skill to have in today's market, with various companies recruiting SAP PP professionals. If you can master the tool, it can be a rewarding career with many opportunities. As a result, many people are opting to acquire SAP PP.

Version IT is one of the Leading SAP PP Training Institutes in Hyderabad. Our SAP PP curriculum is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of SAP PP and all of its applications, as well as how it is used to plan production in industry verticals. We Offer the Best SAP PP training in Ameerpet, Hyderabad which is both Practical and focused on placement. Our course includes basic to advanced levels and has assisted many students in obtaining Jobs in MNCs. We give students with soft copies of materials, classroom materials, and real-time Projects.

  • Why should you learn SAP PP?
    • SAP PP Professional is in high demand.
    • SAP PP qualifies you for a variety of career roles, including Software Professional, Project Member, Project Team Manager, and more.
    • Job Security is better with SAP PP.
    • SAP PP is used by all major Industries.
  • Who can enroll?
    The course is best suited for Batch/BCA graduates with strong programming skills and problem-solving abilities.
    Advantages of Learning SAP PP
    • Learn about the SAP Architecture and the strategies for implementation.
    • Learn everything there is to know about MPS and MRP.
    • Learn about Production Planning strategies and Discrete Manufacturing.
    • Improve your skills in order development and release, planning, and integration, among other things.
    • Create a Bill of Material (BOM) and easily track Inventory Control, Material Management, Sales Orders, and other tasks.
  • Career Opportunities
    In today's industry, skilled SAP PP specialists are in high demand around the world. Companies are looking for experts that are well-trained and capable of delivering excellent outcomes. Once you've completed the course, you can apply for a job as an SAP PP technical consultant, which pays highly. We've got a reputation for providing effective training programmers on SAP's numerous modules over the past 20 years. After learning from us, many students have found great jobs and are glad that they chose us. We aim to provide our students with the greatest possible training and prepare them for the industry. Because of our efforts, we have become one of the best SAP PP training institutes in Hyderabad.
  • Course Syllabus
      • Manual Business process and its limitations
      • ERP Products
      • Introduction to SAP and its Modules
      • Role of PP Consultant in SAP Projects

      • Client Concept in SAP
      • Landscape

      • Integration of SAP PP with other Modules.(MM,SD,QM,FI)
      • Manufacturing types: Discrete, repetitive and process Industry

      4. MASTER DATA

      Creation of material master by understanding the importance each field.


      • Creation of BOM by understanding the Importance of each field.
      • Types of BOM
      • Level of BOM
      • Reports for BOM
      • Tables for BOM

      Work Center

      • Introduction to work center.
      • Creation of work center by understanding the importance of each field.
      • Importance of standard value key and control key.
      • Creation of capacity.
      • Understanding the concept of cost center, cost element and activity types.


      • Understanding the concept of routing.
      • Creation of routing by understanding the importance of each field.
      • Understanding the importance of usage and status of task list.
      • Creation of operations.
      • Creation of group and group counters.
      • Creation of alternate and parallel sequences.

      Production Version


      Creation of demand

      • Creation of PIR.
      • Creation of customer requirement.
      • Creation of sales requirement.

      Planning strategies

      • Types of planning strategies
      • Importance of strategy-10, 11, 20, 30, 40, 50

      Long-Term planning (LTP)

      • Concept & Importance of LTP
      • Creation of planning scenario.
      • Running planning in simulation mode.

      Sales operation planning (SOP)

      • Introduction to SOP.
      • Importance of SOP.
      • Creation of Product group.
      • Creation of material group.
      • Creation of production plan in In-active version.
      • Synchronization of production plan to sales.
      • Creation and execution of rough cut planning.
      • Version management.
      • Transferring the requirement from SOP to Demand Management.

      Material requirement planning (MRP)

      • Concept of MRP
      • MRP Types.
      • Consumption based planning.
      • Manual and automatic re-order point.
      • Forecast based Planning
      • Master production scheduling.
      • Understanding of MPS types such as M0, M1, M2, M3 & M4.
      • Execution of MRP in online and back ground.
      • Creation of planned order manually and automatically.

      Production Order Execution

      • Creation production order from planned order
      • Creation of production order manually
      • Scheduling the production order
      • Availability check for components and capacity
      • Order release and its restrictions
      • Concept of backlash indicator
      • Goods issue for the production order manual.
      • Production order conformation such as standard conformation and milestone confirmation
      • Cancellation of confirmation
      • Auto and manual goods receipt for the order
      • Technical completion of order
      • Post processing records.
      • WIP calculation
      • Variance calculation
      • Order closing
      • Reports


      Master data

      • Material master
      • Bill of material
      • Work center
      • Rate routing
      • Work center
      • Rate routing
      • Production version.
      • Preliminary cost estimate.
      • Standard cost estimate.
      • Transferring standard cost to material by marking the variance.

      Demand Management

      • Creation of internal demand
      • MRP execution

      Process execution

      • Creation of planning table
      • Executing the run schedules by auto GI and GR
      • Executing the WIP and variance
      • Post processing records

      • PP Master data(PI)
      • Material master(same as PP-Des)
      • BOM(same as PP-Des)
      • Resource
      • Recipe
      • process order creation
      • Process order Execution
      • Production planning in process Industries
      • Pi-Sheets
      • PP-Pi Configuration
      • Class
      • Characteristics

      Batch Management

      • LSMW
      • Implementation Overview
      • Support and Maintenance Process
      • Functional Specifications
      • Tables
      • Interview Questions
      • Resume Preparation
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