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SAP CPI Online Training

SAP CPI Online Training in Hyderabad

Cloud Platform is a cloud-based platform for developing and distributing custom applications. This includes the whole scope of service catalogue, which includes database, data storage and backup, reporting service, and transaction layer to produce multi-platform software development and programming improvement. CPI, originally known as SAP HANA Cloud Platform Integration Provider (HCI), is the company's cloud integration service. SAP CPI runs on the cloud. Since it is a cloud-based service, development is moving quickly. You can reuse the same code for it because it can benefit from your investments in message mapping. It is a platform for integration that is more flexible. Most cloud integrations that call for getting tokens and updating via various HTTP/SOAP Rest Calls can be handled without the requirement for BPM procedures.

SAP CPI Online Training in Hyderabad at Version IT- This SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) course will provide information on this cloud-based solution for creating and deploying unique applications. This sap cpi online training covers the whole spectrum of services needed to create multi-platform software, including database, data storage and backup, reporting, and transaction layer. You will complete this sap cpi online training in Hyderabad Ameerpet program with a thorough understanding of the SAP Cloud's concepts and the confidence to apply them to your software development projects. B2B opportunities will be provided by SAP CPI, which also exchanges and converts documents.

  • Features of SAP CPI
    • Since this software is cloud-based, it is being developed quickly.
    • It may make use of your message-mapping interests.
    • Most cloud combinations that receive and refresh tokens on various HTTP/SOAP leisure calls can be handled without the requirement for BPM forms.
    • It includes a lot of predefined content, which makes it much easier for us to start using the combination right away
  • Prerequisites
    • Basic understanding of cloud integration
    • SAP Cloud Platform CP100
    • BIT100 is recommended.
  • Who Can Enrol this SAP CPI Online training?
    • Freshers/ Graduates / Post Graduates
    • IT & Non-IT Professionals
    • Who are Interested in SAP Career

    • So Enrol For the Best SAP CPI online training in Hyderabad at Version IT One of the Leading SAP CPI Online Training institutes in Hyderabad. Our SAP Training experts with 10+ years of practical industry experience monitor the whole training program. Not only does SAP CPI Online Training provide excellent business knowledge, but it also supports having a very fulfilling profession with a lot of opportunities for growth.
  • Course Syllabus

    SAP CPI Course

    Introduction to SAP Cloud Integration

    • What is Integration 
    • What is Middleware 
    • What is SAP CPI 
    • SAP CPI Certification
    • SAP Cloud Strategy

    SAP CPI Architecture Overview

    • Technical System architecture
    • SAP CPI Tenant
    • SAP Cloud Cockpit
    • SAP Data Centers
    • Secure Communication

    Running your first Integration Scenario (Practical)

    • Consuming Prepackaged Content 
    • Configure Integration package
    • Modify prepackaged content
    • Prepackaged Content provided by SAP
    • Creating your own content Package
    • Hello CPI World
    • ODATA scenario

    SAP Cloud Tools

    • CPI Web UI Tool
    • SAP Cloud platform
    • SAP Cloud Connector

    CPI Design Objects / Pallet Objects

    • Content Modifier
    • Content enricher
    • Data transformation and mappings
    • Content based routing
    • Sender and Receiver steps
    • Integration process and Local Sub process
    • Exception Sub process
    • Events
    • Filters
    • Asynchronous Message Handling
    • Message Converter and Decoder
    • Splitter, Gather and Aggregator
    • Multicast and Join
    • Timer-Based Message Transfer
    • Structuring of Large integration flows
    • Message persistence
    • Data Store Operation
    • Working with Value mappings

    Groovy scripting and exception handling
    SAP Cloud Integration Adapters

    • SOAP Adapters
    • Success Factors Adapters
    • Mail Adapter
    • Twitter Adapter
    • OData Adapter
    • IDOC Adapter
    • HTTP Adapter
    • SFTP Adapter
    • Ariba Adapter
    • Developing Custom Adapter
    • RFC Adapter
    • FTP Adapter
    • AS2/AS4 Adapter
    • JMS Adapter

    SAP Cloud Integration Operations

    • Monitor message operations
    • Manage integration content
    • Manage security material
    • Managing certificate to user mappings

    SAP Cloud Integration Security

    • Transport level Security Options (TLS)
    • Message-level Security Options (MLS)
    • Data Protection and Data flow Security
    • Certificate based Communication
    • Private Key and Public Key certificate
    • Digital Signature
    • Authentication and OAuth scenario
    • User administration and Authorization

    Deep Dive into SAP CPI

    • Build complete end to end flow for a logistics Business
    • Warehouse Search
    • Consume iflows
    • Warehouse condition based routing
    • Message conversions (XML to JSON, XML to CSV and vice versa)
    • Content enricher
    • Expection subprocess
    • Email alerts

    Monitoring in SAP CPI

    • Payload monitoring
    • Trace Function
    • Hybrid Deployments
    • Enhancement features
    • Security Credentials
    • Key Store
    • Number Range Objects
    • Connection test
    • Integration content management

    Real-time Business Scenarios

    • Transport Management
    • Cloud to On-Prem: SuccessFactors to SAP ERP HCM
    • SAP Cloud to Cloud: SuccessFactors to Hybris
    • SuccessFactors to 3rd party systems: SF to PS via SFTP
    • Setup Cloud Connectors
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